Frequently Asked Questions

Do you test and monitor the quality of pellets?

We inspect daily and test our pellets for burn characteristics, moisture, ash residue and size.

Where should I store my pellets?

Pellets should always be kept dry as possible, store indoors and avoid excessive humidity

Why do I occasionally get clinkers in my ashpot?

Proper stove adjustment is key to a clean efficient burn. If you have a clinker material developing in your ashpot your stoves heat or thermostat should be turned up to keep its self clean of any clinkers deposits.

Do you use any glue or additive in your pellets?

Our pellets are 100% wood, free of any glue or any other bonding additive. Pressure, as the pellet is formed through a die, is the only bonding agent used in the pellet making process.

How may I buy Rocky Canyon?

Please refer to our Retailers page for authorized vendors.