Rocky Canyon Pellet Retailers

Our high quality, premium pellets have caused massive growth over the last few years. Many people ask for us by name. Find our Rocky Canyon Pellets, High Country Pellets, or Barn & Stable Bedding at one of the following vendors:


– JJ Building Supply
– Primeland Country Stores
– Orofino Builders
– Clearwater Builders
Grangeville Builders
– Gem Builders Supply
– S & S Foods
– C & M Lumber
Franklin Building Supply
– Valley Wide COOP
– A to Z Lumber
– Gem Supply & Building Co-Op
Leisure Time
– Stoddard Pellet Sales, LLC (Rigby)
Albeni Falls True Value
North 40
– Loveland’s General Store
– Cascade Hardware


–  Murdoch’s Farm and Ranch
–  Central Montana COOP
– Stevensville Country Store


– North 40
– Aslin Finch / Farm & Feed
– JJ Building Supplies
– Primeland Country Stores
– Colville Country Store


– Dependable Lumber
– Elk River Pet & Ranch
Murdoch’s Farm and Ranch